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  ShaderMan -   DOWNLOAD (1.98Mb)  

Here is the European mirror for Alexei Puzikov's Shaderman. There is also a Getting Started guide available.

  Goran Kocov's TkMatMan 1.9 (updated 20/02/02)   DOWNLOAD (75.6 kb)

Windows executables available if you do not have Tcl. you will also need the main Tkmatman script above as not everything is included with the binary:

I am providing Goran's update of Andreas Butz's TkMatMan available for download from this site. It now supports BMRT, 3Delight, Entropy, PRMan and RenderDotC. If you have any problems please mail him, not me. The original TkMatMan website was here.

  Moonlight Atelier 0.9.2 beta -   DOWNLOAD (1.91Mb)  

I just thought I'd add yet another mirror for Moonlight Atelier as it is hard to track down and quite a good Linux modeller. For more information check out The Moonlight 3D Atelier Corner which hosts a gallery and several tutorials and forums. Unfortunately the official Moonlight 3D page seems to have disappeared as development has stopped.

  SlcEditor 0.8 -   DOWNLOAD (792Kb)  

I'm providing this as a mirror for Alexei Puzikov. please check out his webpage on SlcEditor first as there is likely to be an up to date version there. Now updated to work with BMRT 2.6 (although may not be back compatible with 2.5)

I can highly recommend this tool for setting and writing shaders if you are running BMRT on Windows plus it's updated regularly. I plan on writing some details on how to use it when I have some free time!

  Moe's BMRT Drivers -  DOWNLOAD (96.4Kb)  

Moe's Dubreuil has written some Display drivers for outputting BMP format and a driver to replace "framebuffer" for BMRT. The download includes the source files which he doesn't mind you experimenting with. The original files are on the BMRT egroup files area, but I've mirrored them here so that you don't have to join the egroup to get them (although I do recommend Subscribing to the BMRT egroup).

To use these drivers instead of the standard "framebuffer" or "file" drivers, create a new folder in your BMRT2.5 folder and unzip everthing to that location. Then locate the .rendribrc file in the BMRT2.5 folder and add:

Option "searchpath" "display" ["%BMRTHOME%/etc:&"]
Option "render" "integer useprmandspy" [1]

on to the end of the other commands. This file is read in everytime BMRT runs and just contains normal RIB commands that are used for each render.

To output to the improved framebuffer window change the "framebuffer" in:

Display "test.tif" "framebuffer" "rgb"
so that is now says
Display "test.tif" "sdcWin32" "rgb"

This driver doesn't have the refresh problems the standard framebuffer option does, but it does use slightly more system resources.

To output a windows bitmap file output a bitmap file (BMP) change:

Display "test.tif" "file" "rgb"
so that is now says
Display "test.bmp" "sdcBMP" "rgb"

There are currently some bugs with alpha channels at the moment (these should be ironed out soon) and more formats may become available later - if you need alpha channels stick with the standard drivers for the moment (or write your own - email me with details if you do - I can host or add a link)

The RenderMan (R) Interface Procedures and RIB Protocol are: Copyright 1988, 1989, Pixar. All rights reserved.
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